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Most open source, all free. Scripts, tools, and resources pertinent to SQL Server and beyond.

T-SQL Scripts


SSMS Plugins

Azure Data Studio Extensions

Micosoft curates a list of first and third party extensions hereopen in new window.

Github Actions

NameTypeOpen SourceAuthor
tsqlt-installeropen in new windowTestingJohn McCallopen in new window
tsqllint-actionopen in new windowTestingJohn McCallopen in new window


NameTypeOpen SourceAuthor
DBA Toolsopen in new windowAdminSQL Collaborativeopen in new window
DBA Checksopen in new windowAdminSQL Collaborativeopen in new window
MinionWareopen in new windowAdminMinionWareopen in new window
DLM Dashboardopen in new windowDevopsRedgateopen in new window
DBOpsopen in new windowMigrationsSQL Collaborativeopen in new window
Flywayopen in new windowMigrationsAxel Fontaineopen in new window
Is It SQL?open in new windowMonitoringBill Grazianoopen in new window
lowlydba.sqlserveropen in new window Ansible collectionAdminJohn McCallopen in new window
OpServeropen in new windowMonitoringStack Exchangeopen in new window
Spotlight Cloud Basicopen in new windowMonitoringQuestopen in new window
SQLTopopen in new windowMonitoringChannel Advisoropen in new window
SQL Watchopen in new windowMonitoringMarcin Gminskiopen in new window
SchemaZenopen in new windowScriptingSeth Renoopen in new window
mssql-scripteropen in new window (may be dead)ScriptingMicrosoft
DBDiagram.ioopen in new windowSharingholistics.ioopen in new window
Format Text as Tableopen in new windowSharingSenseful Solutionsopen in new window
DBFitopen in new windowTestingYavor Nikolovopen in new window
tSQLtopen in new windowTestingSQLity.netopen in new window
DB Fiddleopen in new windowTesting/SharingJack Douglasopen in new window
SQL Fiddleopen in new windowTesting/SharingJake Feaselopen in new window
SQL Query Stressopen in new windowTestingErik Ejlskov Jensenopen in new window
Paste The Planopen in new windowTuning/SharingBrent Ozar Unlimitedopen in new window




Patterns / Anti-Patterns



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