# Tools and Scripts

Most open source, all free. Scripts, tools, and resources pertinent to SQL Server and beyond.

Table of Contents
T-SQL Scripts
SSMS Plugins

# T-SQL Scripts

# References

# SSMS Plugins

# Tools

Name Type Open Source Author
DBA Tools Admin 👍 SQL Collaborative
DBA Checks Admin 👍 SQL Collaborative
MinionWare Admin MinionWare
DBA MultiTool Admin 👍 John McCall
DLM Dashboard Devops Redgate
Flyway Migrations 👍 Axel Fontaine
Is It SQL? Monitoring Bill Graziano
Spotlight Cloud Basic Monitoring Quest
SQL Watch Monitoring 👍 Marcin Gminski
SchemaZen Scripting 👍 Seth Reno
mssql-scripter Scripting 👍 Microsoft
DBDiagram.io Sharing holistics.io
Format Text as Table Sharing Senseful Solutions
DBFit Testing Yavor Nikolov
DB Fiddle Testing/Sharing Jack Douglas
SQL Fiddle Testing/Sharing Jake Feasel
SQL Query Stress Testing 👍 Erik Ejlskov Jensen
Paste The Plan Tuning/Sharing Brent Ozar Unlimited

# Education

# Articles

# AlwaysOn

# Patterns / Anti-Patterns

# Misc

# Other

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