# About the Author

My name is John McCall, but I often use the handle LowlyDBA on sites like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and my site lowlydba.com. I'm a marathoner, occasional moss artist, and chronic optimizer.

That’s why I don’t balk at the persistence and tuning minutiae that are key to making sure SQL Server operates smoothly in any environment. If I’m not answering questions on forums like Stack Exchange, then I’m asking on them, because database problems are what keep me up at night (that, or PagerDuty).

That is also why I’ve written stored procedures like sp_doc, sp_helpme, and sp_sizeoptimiser in my DBA MultiTool and made them free and open source, to help others automate and simplify the parts of database administration that I’ve found lacking over the years.

If you need help, by working with me I can promise persistence, a positive attitude, and a solution to your database performance mysteries. You’ll have my undivided attention and one-on-one access to all of my knowledge and experience - I will readily share anything you want to know or that I believe will help you.

You can reach out to me about consulting services and get a free consultation to see how I can help work through whatever problems you're facing, one step at a time.

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